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Shelter, Campaign For Homeless People (Northern Ireland) was formed in 1980. Its Memorandum and Articles states that it is established to play a creative part in the life of Northern Ireland by relieving human suffering irrespective of colour, creed or class or religion and for the following 3 purposes:—

1. To relieve hardship and distress among the homeless and among those in need who are living in adverse housing conditions.

2. To make moneys available to housing associations and other bodies (whether corporate or not) whose aims being charitable are the relief of such hardship and distress.
3. To relieve poverty and distress.



Our mission is ‘To promote and facilitate the provision of sufficient decent and affordable homes to end long term homelessness and eliminate poor housing’


Shelter NI aims to reduce the risks associated with and the impact of homelessness and poor housing on households by raising awareness of housing and homelessness issues and by innovating, promoting and participating in effective long term solutions.


Shelter NI is a voluntary charitable organisation seeking to engage volunteer members in its work.

Shelter NI believes everyone has a right to an affordable, accessible, decent, warm and safe home and to legally protected security against the loss of that home.

Shelter NI believes society in general and public authorities in particular have a duty to minimise the risk of homelessness, to actively prevent homelessness and to act quickly and effectively to assist those who become homeless to find a decent home and to secure services to enable those people to remain living independently at home.

Shelter NI believes those state duties have been strengthened by Local, National and European laws and directives.

Shelter NI believes that a major contribution to assist people who are homeless is the production of an adequate supply of accessible affordable housing.

Shelter NI believes in a collaborative approach to resolving homelessness, involving a range of statutory and voluntary agencies, homeless people themselves and the public in general. In this spirit, we believe in a non-adversarial approach to constructive criticism of any weaknesses we perceive in public services and government policies.

Shelter NI believes in providing non-judgemental effective intervention and support services to improve housing, prevent homelessness and assist those experiencing homelessness.

Shelter NI is committed to the principle of equal opportunity and the promotion of good community relations in Northern Ireland.

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Where to get help?

If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, please see our section on where to get help.

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