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Posted on Friday 7 June 2013 by Shelter NI

News from the Electrical Safety Council - Product Safety Recall

Shelter NI's G.A.B.L.E. project received the following information from the Electrical Safety Council about a product safety recall-

The ESC has launched a media campaign to tackle public complacency around the recall of electrical products.

In the last six years, over 250 electrical products – ranging from mobile phone chargers and accessories to large ‘white goods’ like fridge-freezers and dishwashers – have been recalled. But the average success rate for these recalls is between just 10 and 20%. As manufacturers often produce hundreds of thousands of units, this means that there are potentially millions of dangerous electrical products still being used in UK homes.

Our research had some alarming results:

Nearly 2 million adults have knowingly ignored a recall notice before

A further one million admit to currently owning an electrical item that has been recalled

One in three would not return a recalled product if it was too inconvenient

A fifth would not be prepared to go without a luxury item such as a television or hair straighteners.

This low perception of danger contrasts with the reality – recalled products have been known to cause severe injury and deaths and the majority of electrical recalls are due to a risk of fire or electrocution.

Finding out about product recalls is not easy as there is no standard process in place and it is not always clear where you should look for information. To help people check the electrical products in their homes, the ESC has developed an online product checker (pictured above), through which you can search by product category, brand name or year of manufacture.

Our campaign was supported by CFOA and attracted widespread media interest, particularly in light of incidents involving a couple of brands whose recalled products had caused serious accidents.

This story is the first one to run as part of a new three year product safety campaign, which will focus on misuse and substandard products – as well as on recall. We will be working with manufacturers and retailers, aiming to improve the process and introduce a ‘best practice’ for the communication of recalls to the general public.

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