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Posted on Monday 10 March 2014 by Shelter NI

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, Isobel has raised over £600!  Here's Isobel's account of her epic 55 mile journey in 24 hours.


My 55 mile sponsored walk around Greater Manchester was undoubtedly one of the most mentally challenging 24 hours of my life and certainly one of the most painful too. I completed it last Saturday in just over 24 hours and whilst I’m trying to forget about the bad memories I have of it the blisters are still a constant reminder!

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The first 20 miles of the walk were really enjoyable. Despite walking through the night we were walking through a really pretty part of Manchester and everyone’s high spirits helped the time and the miles pass surprisingly quickly. After that the blisters started kicking in. As the pace slowed the group morale dropped significantly and wasn’t helped by the dubious pies we were given to eat at 4am. After breakfast it was definitely the hilarity of the pain we were putting ourselves through that got me through it. We had, after all, already raised a lot of money for our respective charities so it was sheer madness that made us want to continue such a walk. With several people dropping out along the way, it was definitely the harder option to keep going.

 Rsz isobel 3

For the last 30 miles I was walking with two other people, one of whom was in as much pain as I was and the other motivating us both. If it hadn’t have been for my fellow walkers I certainly wouldn’t have finished the walk, so if I’ve taken anything from such a gruelling experience it’s the importance of teamwork. The last 5 miles were undoubtedly the hardest. We could see Manchester’s skyscraper, the Beetham Tower, but at our slow pace it didn’t seem to be getting any closer. When we finally finished there was little feeling of achievement, just of relief at being able to go to sleep. The achievement definitely came later, and hopefully will continue to when my feet return to normal.


I’m really proud to have done something to help Shelter NI and if anything has made the walk worthwhile it’s been the generosity of my friends, family and complete strangers. Shelter have been exceptionally supportive and encouraging too so thank you to everyone who’s helped me get through the walk in one way or another. Any last minute donations can still be donated here: and will all be going to a very worthy cause at Shelter NI.

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