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Posted on Monday 21 March 2016 by Shelter NI

Shelter NI is saddened at the news of yet another homeless person dying on the streets of Belfast.

We are concerned that the scale of homelessness in Northern Ireland in general is continuing to increase. Street homelessness is one aspect of this and the spate of street deaths recently draws attention to the real dangers faced by vulnerable homeless people.

We believe that the close relationship between homelessness and poor health especially poor mental health is a problem that needs much greater attention and resources.

We recognize that there have been major improvements in homeless services in Belfast in recent years and huge efforts by both statutory and voluntary agencies, but this is an important reminder that not everyone is able to benefit from the services available and some vulnerable people still find themselves at risk on the street. Solutions to this must be implemented.

Each recent death has given rise to widespread sympathetic public response calling for action.

Shelter calls on the Government to take immediate steps to tackle this problem before the May election.



For further information, please contact:
Tony McQuillan
Director of Shelter NI
028 9024 7752

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