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Posted on Tuesday 12 March 2013 by Pieter A. Bell

Shelter NI has serious concerns about the potential impact of the government's Welfare Reform Act and the controversial ‘bedroom tax’ provisions, we believe these to be myopic and a retrospectively unfair policy. 


Charging tenants, many of whom are on the lowest incomes, for their so called surplus rooms, means that households will need to downsize to properties they can afford. Due to the lack of smaller accommodation, inevitably, tenants will be forced out of social housing and away from their community roots.  Shelter NI would therefore urge the Westminster Government to reconsider the rationale for implementing this tax.  In any event, we would strongly encourage the Stormont Executive to meet the estimated annual £17m as it is a very small cost in comparison to the uncertainty which is being created for 32,430 households and the potential destabilisation of their communities. 

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