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Shelter NI

When you think of volunteering, the first thing that likely comes to mind is you’re giving up some of your time and working for free. 

However, our volunteers are so much more than people giving up some of their precious spare time. They are at the centre of everything we do. If it wasn’t for you and our volunteers, we would struggle to keep our service going.

Our volunteers, in whatever role they perform, help us combat homelessness. The typical image of being homeless is rough sleeping on the street. This type is visible, but due to the dangers involved, they are in the minority of what constitutes homelessness, with the vast majority of homelessness being hidden from public perception by:

·       sleeping in their vehicles

·       sofa-surfing with friends and family

·       living in B&Bs / hostels / overcrowded accommodation

·       squatters etc

Why should you volunteer?

Everyone has different reasons for volunteering, and we are grateful for whatever time you can give us in whatever way you choose to do so.

You can join a team and know your time can and will make a difference to someone’s life. Volunteering with us can be a great way to: 

·       Gain additional skills you may not already have! 

·       Develop work experience that may not otherwise be possible through your normal paid job, and these skills can then benefit you in your career! 

·       You can meet new people, build friendships, and make connections.

·       Boost both your mental and physical health. 

·       Or you can use your time and existing skills to benefit the local community and make a real lasting difference to people’s lives.

·       Available roles:

o   Collection Boxes – to maintain current collection box locations and secure new locations to increase fundraising.

o   Fundraising – to raise money and awareness through different events, such as: street collections, bag packing, pub quizzes etc.

o   Photographer – to support the charity at events, working to a brief and providing images for a range of media and library use. Volunteers need access to a digital SLR camera which can produce high resolution images.

o   Graphic Designer - will be responsible for creating and updating ads, brochures, promotional flyers, and social media posts.

For more information, and how to apply, please visit:

Shelter NI - Give Support - Volunteering